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📍  Round Pushpin📮  Postbox🤴🏿  Prince + Emoji Modifier Fitzpatrick Type-6🚣🏽‍♀️  Woman Rowing Boat, Type-4ლ(=ↀωↀ=)ლ  Cat Eyes Come at Me🤞🏿  Hand With Index And Middle Fingers Crossed + Emoji Modifier Fitzpatrick Type-6🎴  Flower Playing Cards💃🏼  Dancer, Type-3🐓  Rooster🏊🏽  Swimmer, Type-4🎳  Bowling🇬🇼  Flag for Guinea-Bissau⛹🏻  Person With Ball + Emoji Modifier Fitzpatrick Type-1-2🙎  Person With Pouting Face🔒  Lock:v  Pacman Ironic, Sarcastic Face💅🏼  Nail Polish, Type-3🤷🏿  Shrug, Type-6🙎🏿‍♂️  Man Pouting, Type-6🤙🏻  Call Me Hand + Emoji Modifier Fitzpatrick Type-1-2(*`へ´*)  Grumpy Face💁‍♂️  Man Tipping Hand🤳🏼  Selfie, Type-3🏊‍♂️  Man Swimming👏🏽  Clapping Hands Sign + Emoji Modifier Fitzpatrick Type-4🤶🏼  Mother Christmas + Emoji Modifier Fitzpatrick Type-3🙅🏽‍♀️  Woman Gesturing Not OK, Type-4o(>< )o  Notice Me Senpai👊  Fisted Hand Sign🤸🏾  Person Doing Cartwheel, Type-5=^..^=  Cat Ears🇼🇫  Flag for Wallis & Futuna🐘  Elephant👦🏾  Boy + Emoji Modifier Fitzpatrick Type-5✳️  Eight Spoked Asterisk🙋🏻  Happy Person Raising One Hand + Emoji Modifier Fitzpatrick Type-1-2🏄🏽  Surfer, Type-4🌈  Rainbow👦🏼  Boy + Emoji Modifier Fitzpatrick Type-3🏸  Badminton Racquet and Shuttlecock🚘  Oncoming Automobile👏🏻  Clapping Hands Sign + Emoji Modifier Fitzpatrick Type-1-2🚹  Mens SymbolƸ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ  Butterfly / Moth🇨🇾  Flag for Cyprus💿  Optical Disc😟  Worried Face🕵🏽  Sleuth or Spy + Emoji Modifier Fitzpatrick Type-4〽️  Part Alternation Mark👮🏼  Police Officer + Emoji Modifier Fitzpatrick Type-3(╥╯θ╰╥)  Ugly Cryಠ_ರೃ  1-percenter Look Of Disapproval⚪  Medium White Circle👨‍👩‍👦‍👶  Family: Man, Woman, Boy, Baby🆘  Squared SOS💇🏼  Haircut + Emoji Modifier Fitzpatrick Type-3☝🏿  White Up Pointing Index + Emoji Modifier Fitzpatrick Type-6👊🏼  Fisted Hand Sign, Type-3🙇🏻  Person Bowing Deeply + Emoji Modifier Fitzpatrick Type-1-2🌠  Shooting Star🚵🏼  Mountain Bicyclist, Type-3🏊🏼‍♂️  Man Swimming, Type-3👩🏾  Woman + Emoji Modifier Fitzpatrick Type-5👦🏿  Boy + Emoji Modifier Fitzpatrick Type-6🏥  Hospital🤙🏾  Call Me Hand, Type-5💅🏽  Nail Polish + Emoji Modifier Fitzpatrick Type-4🙉  Hear-No-Evil Monkey(‿ꜟ‿)  Yoga Booty🙆🏼‍♀️  Woman Gesturing OK, Type-3👨🏼‍🔬  Male Scientist, Type-3☮  Peace Symbol👪🏾  Family, Type-5(-‸ლ)  Face Palm🎪  Circus Tent👲🏻  Man With Gua Pi Mao, Type-1-2( ノ ゜□ ゜)ノ ︵ ┻━━┻ ヽ( ゜□ ゜ )ノ  Eat table!🎅🏼  Father Christmas, Type-3💦  Splashing Sweat Symbol👨🏽‍🌾  Male Farmer, Type-4ಠ╭╮ಠ  Sad Disapproval👫🏻  Man and Woman Holding Hands, Type-1-2🤹🏻  Juggling + Emoji Modifier Fitzpatrick Type-1-2👸🏽  Princess + Emoji Modifier Fitzpatrick Type-4O(∩_∩)O  Happy Monkey Face💂🏾  Guardsman + Emoji Modifier Fitzpatrick Type-5👩🏽‍🔧  Female Mechanic, Type-4🙍🏽‍♂️  Man Frowning, Type-4💇🏿  Haircut + Emoji Modifier Fitzpatrick Type-6👷🏿  Construction Worker + Emoji Modifier Fitzpatrick Type-6🏋🏻  Weight Lifter + Emoji Modifier Fitzpatrick Type-1-2🐂  Ox🇳🇺  Flag for Niue🖱  Three Button Mouse🙍🏼‍♀️  Woman Frowning, Type-3🛩  Small Airplane😴  Sleeping Face🏦  Bank🇫🇰  Flag for Falkland Islands♈  Aries♨️️  Hot Springs⬛  Black Large Square🦊  Fox Face🚵🏿  Mountain Bicyclist, Type-6🏄  Surferb (^_^) d  Eyyyyyyyᗜੂͦ﹏ᗜੂͦ  March Madness Loser Face🥑  Avocado🤼🏾  Wrestlers, Type-5(✿◕‿◕✿)  Flower Girl👯‍♂️  Men With Bunny Ears Partying🤛🏾  Left-Facing Fist, Type-5🐱‍🏍  Stunt Cat👩🏾‍💼  Female Office Worker, Type-5👷🏾‍♂️  Male Construction Worker, Type-5💶  Banknote With Euro Sign🖕🏽  Reversed Hand With Middle Finger Extended + Emoji Modifier Fitzpatrick Type-4🔸  Small Orange Diamond|_・)  Somebody's Watching Me💬  Speech Balloon🏄🏾‍♂️  Man Surfing, Type-5🐸  Frog Face💯  Hundred Points Symbolヘ(◕。◕ヘ)  2spooky4me👉🏿  White Right Pointing Backhand Index + Emoji Modifier Fitzpatrick Type-6🤸‍♀️  Woman Doing Cartwheel👩‍👨‍👧‍👦  Family: Woman, Man, Girl, Boy👩‍👩‍👶  Family: Woman, Woman, Baby🌐  Globe With Meridians👩‍👧  Family: Woman, Girl🎋  Tanabata Tree🚿  Shower⛲  Fountain✍🏿  Writing Hand, Type-6🛌🏽  Sleeping Accommodation, Type-4🖖🏻  Raised Hand With Part Between Middle and Ring Fingers + Emoji Modifier Fitzpatrick Type-1-2(~^.^)~  The Macarena👏🏿  Clapping Hands Sign + Emoji Modifier Fitzpatrick Type-6🏌🏻‍♀️  Woman Golfing, Type-1-2(=^ω^=)  Cat Anime Eyes😏  Smirking Face(⊙ω⊙)  Sloth🎅🏾  Father Christmas + Emoji Modifier Fitzpatrick Type-5👢  Womans Boots🇧🇳  Flag for Brunei🤳🏼  Selfie + Emoji Modifier Fitzpatrick Type-3🤞🏾  Hand With Index And Middle Fingers Crossed + Emoji Modifier Fitzpatrick Type-5👩🏿‍💻  Female Technologist, Type-6🇨🇨  Flag for Cocos Islands😤  Face With Look of Triumph👈🏾  White Left Pointing Backhand Index + Emoji Modifier Fitzpatrick Type-5🏋🏼‍♂️  Man Weight Lifting, Type-3🏄🏽‍♀️  Woman Surfing, Type-4↔️  Left Right Arrow👦🏽  Boy + Emoji Modifier Fitzpatrick Type-4🐜  Ant👨🏿‍🌾  Male Farmer, Type-6♪⁽⁽٩( ᐖ )۶⁾⁾ ₍₍٩( ᐛ )۶₎₎♪  Happy Dancing👊🏽  Fisted Hand Sign, Type-4(╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻  Table Flip🚣🏾‍♀️  Woman Rowing Boat, Type-5👪  Family🇳  Regional Indicator Symbol Let­ter N🕶  Dark Sunglasses👲🏾  Man With Gua Pi Mao, Type-5💆🏻  Face Massage, Type-1-2👴🏿  Older Man, Type-6◦°˚\(*❛‿❛)/˚°◦  First Day Of Spring🏌🏾  Golfer, Type-5🤘🏽  Sign of the Horns, Type-4🐵  Monkey Face🤾🏼‍♂️  Man Playing Handball, Type-3🙆🏻‍♂️  Man Gesturing OK, Type-1-2(・3・)  Duck Lips👨‍👦‍👦  Family: Man, Boy, Boy🥁  Drum With Drumsticks💂🏽‍♀️  Female Guard, Type-4👨‍🎤  Male Singer🤗  Hugging Face🎮  Video Game✌(◕‿-)✌  March Madness Winner Face🇬🇺  Flag for Guam👆🏿  White Up Pointing Backhand Index, Type-6👨🏽‍🚀  Male Astronaut, Type-4💪  Flexed Biceps👊🏻  Fisted Hand Sign, Type-1-2💂🏾‍♂️  Male Guard, Type-5🇪🇭  Flag for Western Sahara🚴🏻  Bicyclist, Type-1-2〰️  Wavy Dash♡o。.(✿ฺ。 ✿ฺ)  OMG Ryan Gosling\( ゚ヮ゚)/  Huzzah!🔑  Key🇸🇨  Flag for Seychelles🏌🏻‍♂️  Man Golfing, Type-1-2✔️  Heavy Check Mark🤢  Nauseated Faceᕦ(ò_óˇ)ᕤ  Strongman👨🏿‍🎨  Male Artist, Type-6🐙  Octopus

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🤦  Face Palm (•_•) ( •_•)>⌐■-■ (⌐■_■)  Deal With It (‿ˠ‿)  Bubble Butt - ,,-  Annoyed Vampire \( •_•)_†  Vampire Slayer ︻デ═一  AWP (◔_◔)  Rolling Eyes ☆.。.:*・°☆.。.:*・°☆.。.:*・°☆.。.:*・°☆  Sparkles ™️  Trade Mark Sign ⛅  Sun Behind Cloud 〰️  Wavy Dash 🕵🏽‍♀️  Female Sleuth, Type-4 👨🏽‍🔬  Male Scientist, Type-4 👨🏼‍🌾  Male Farmer, Type-3 💭  Thought Balloon (∩`-´)⊃━☆゚.*・。゚  Wizard ┐(´-`)┌  Who Cares 👩🏽‍🎨  Female Artist, Type-4 (:3」∠)_  Seductive Walrus ヘ( ^o^)ノ\(^_^ )  Gimme Five 👨🏼‍🍳  Male Cook, Type-3 (づ。◕‿‿◕。)づ  Marshmallow Raising The Roof ┬┴┬┴┤ʕ•ᴥ├┬┴┬┴  Pedobear Is Watching 👩🏼‍🍳  Female Cook, Type-3 ヾ(❛ε❛“)ʃ  Treat. Yo. Self. ʕ •ᴥ•ʔ  Koala Bear 🎉  Party Popper (✿◕‿◕✿)  Flower Girl 🇵🇸  Flag for Palestinian Territories ?:^(0)  Conan O'Brien With A Beard ᕙ(⇀‸↼‶)ᕗ  Super Saiyan Mode ( ^◡^)っ✂╰⋃╯  Lorena Bobbit ¯\_(シ)_/¯  Shrug Alternate 🤨  Face With One Eyebrow Raised 🍔  Hamburger | (• ◡•)| (❍ᴥ❍ʋ)  It's Adventure Time 🦇  Bat ε-(´・`) フ  Phew! ✈️  Airplane ï¼¼(ï¼¾Oï¼¾)/  It's A Celebration 🏊  Swimmer 👩🏽‍🍳  Female Cook, Type-4 (‿ꜟ‿)  Yoga Booty (o\_!_/o)  VW Bug 🤙  Call Me Hand (._.) ( l: ) ( .-. ) ( :l ) (._.)  They See Me Rolling, They Hating 🏭  Factory 👩🏿‍🚀  Female Astronaut, Type-6 👷  Construction Worker <コ:彡  Squid ᕕ( ᐛ )ᕗ  Happy New Year! 八(^□^*)  Praying (σ・・)σ  You Da Man 👔  Necktie Ù©(⁎❛ᴗ❛⁎)Û¶  Snap Yo Fingers 🌆  Cityscape at Dusk 👩🏻‍💻  Female Technologist, Type-1-2 🏊🏿‍♂️  Man Swimming, Type-6 ༼ つ ◕_◕ ༽つ GIVE DIRETIDE  GIVE DIRETIDE 🛋  Couch and Lamp 😲  Astonished Face (づ ̄ ³ ̄)づ  Glomp 👨🏽‍🏭  Male Factory Worker, Type-4 ᶘ ᵒᴥᵒᶅ  Baby Seal 。◕ ‿ ◕。  Dimpled Smiling Aura 🛩  Small Airplane 👨🏿‍🔬  Male Scientist, Type-6 (◡ ‿ ◡ ✿)  Sleepy Flower Girl 🤣  Rolling On The Floor Laughing â«· °⧭° ⫸  Clown (⊃◜⌓◝⊂)  Gudetama ♪┏(・oï½¥)┛♪┗ ( ï½¥oï½¥) ┓♪  Dance Party (。々°)  Herp Derp Face ʕ •́؈•̀)  Winnie The Pooh 人◕ ‿‿ ◕人  Whale Face ヘ(◕。◕ヘ)  2spooky4me -ϵ⭕϶-  Goatse ㊙️  Circled Ideograph Secret \( ゚ヮ゚)/  Huzzah! =^● ⋏ ●^=  Meow △  The Illuminati 💗  Growing Heart (⊙ω⊙)  Sloth (^人^)  Smiling Breasts (ˆڡˆ)v  Tasty Nom Face (╯▅╰)  Le Sigh ヾ(⌐■_■)ノ♪  Gangnam Style ❤️  Heavy Black Heart └[∵┌]└[ ∵ ]┘[┐∵]┘  Robot Party 💔  Broken Heart ─=≡Σ(([ ⊐•̀⌂•́]⊐  Iron Man O(∩_∩)O  Happy Monkey Face 3:*)  Rudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer 💖  Sparkling Heart (っ˘ڡ˘ς)  Dericious ( -_ï½¥)σ - - - - - - - - ï½¥  Pew Pew ( •_•)σ  Poke ( -.-)ノ-=≡≡卍  Shuriken ( *∀*)y─┛  Happy 4/20 (◕〝◕)  Coy Face ƪ(•̃͡ε•̃͡)∫ƪ(•̃͡ε•̃͡)∫ƪ(•̃͡ε•̃͡)∫  Single Ladies Dance ლ(ಠ益ಠლ)  Y U No ( :T皿T)  Check Out My Grillz (ू ͒•‧̫•ू⑅ ͒)  Fat Cat 👩🏼‍🔬  Female Scientist, Type-3 (╯°□°)╯︵ ʞooqǝɔɐɟ  Flipping Facebook ☢◡☢  Nuclear Eyes ◘-◘  Nerd •(ㅅ)•  Rilakkuma ‷̗ↂ凸ↂ‴̖  Freaking Out ✨  Sparkles (=O*_*)=O Q(*_*Q)  Boxing 🤡  Clown Face \m/...(>.<)…\m/  Rock Out ¯\_(ツ)_/¯  Shrug ˙ ͜ʟ˙  NSA Smiley ♒((⇀‸↼))♒  Thinking Hard (V) (°,,,,°) (V)  Zoidberg 🍦  Soft Ice Cream ⊂(´・◡・⊂ )∘˚˳°  Happy Ghost ( ་ ⍸ ་ )  Stoic Face (○口○ )  Gasp Face (◐‿◑)  Loony Face (_ε_)  Kiss My Ass ( ︶︿︶)_╭∩╮  Middle Finger To The Law ¯\_◉‿◉_/¯  Why Am I So Happy? ก็็็็็็็็็็็็็ʕ•͡ᴥ•ʔ ก้้้้้้้้้้้  Polar Bear Rave [¼-°]¬  Zombie Approaching ( ゚ Д゚)ノ[ ($) ]  Shut Up And Take My Money ヽ(^o^)ρ┳┻┳°σ(^o^)/  Ping Pong ◯‍◯‍◯‍◯‍◯  Olympic Rings ╰⋃╯(ԾДԾ)७  Carlos Danger ( ° ᴗ°)~ð (/❛o❛\)  Successful Marriage Proposal óò  Look Of Sympathy (°々。)  Derp Herp Face (+[__]∙:∙)  PSP Ù©(͡๏̯͡๏)Û¶  Eyebrow Raised ¬_¬  Just Sayin' • º–π–º •  Oh Crap Something Is Looking At Me (☝ ՞ਊ ՞)☝  Praise The Lord (̿▀̿ ̿Ĺ̯̿̿▀̿ Ì¿)̄  Nothing To See Here ꒰ ꒡⌓꒡꒱  Lumpy Space Princess (〠_〠)  Hypnotize ノ┬─┬ノ ︵ ( \o°o)\  Soviet Russia Table Flips You 😑  Expressionless Face 🖤  Black Heart 📤  Outbox Tray (:3 っ)っ  Walrus ༼;´༎ຶ ۝ ༎ຶ༽  Mountain Of Shame 😏  Smirking Face 👩‍💻  Female Technologist ʕ⁎̯͡⁎ʔ༄  Magic Squirrel ~=[,,_,,]:3  Nyan Cat [:||||||||||||:]  Accordion (ó ì_í)=óò=(ì_í ò)  Bro Fist ˓(ᑊᘩᑊ⁎)  Game Of Thrones Spoiler Face 🌀  Cyclone (っ- ‸ - ς)  I'm Not Fat 人人人ヾ( ;×o×)〃 人人人  OMG I'm Drowning! 凸(⊙▂⊙✖ )  Wrong Tetris Block 🔫  Pistol \|°▿▿▿▿°|/  Domo-kun (~^.^)~  The Macarena ʕノ•ᴥ•ʔノ ︵ ┻━┻  Bear Flipping Table ๏[-ิ_•ิ]๏  Winking Monkey Boy (• ε •)  Orly Face ๏◡๏  Droopy Eyes ✌(-‿-)✌  Asian Pose /)*(\  Brohoof 🐬  Dolphin ( ;,;)  Cthulhu 🎿  Ski and Ski Boot (•̯͡.•̯͡)‎​  Furry Eyebrows ‎(_I_)  Big Butt 💳  Credit Card [+..••]  Nintendo Controller (●°u°●)​ 」  O Hai b (^_^) d  Eyyyyyyy (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻  Flipping Tables (˘̭⺫˘̭ ;)  Constipation (⌐■_■)  Stunna Shades 😶  Face Without Mouth ヘ(^_^ヘ)  Holler! (⚈᷀᷁ᴗ⚈᷀᷁⁎)  Princess Eyes 🤠  Face With Cowboy Hat ლ(´◉❥◉`ლ)  New Year's Eve Kiss ╰( ^ ㅂ ^)╯  Happy New Year ( ° ͜ʖ °)  That Creepy Creeper 🏯  Japanese Castle 😩  Weary Face ε=ε=ε=ε=ε=ε=┌( ̄ー ̄)┘  Escaping The Fart Trail ε=ε=ε=ε=ε=ε=┌(; ̄◇ ̄)┘  Who Farted? 😷  Face With Medical Mask ┬─┬ ノ( ゜-゜ノ)  Patience Young Grasshopper ╮ (. ❛ ᴗ ❛.) ╭  Kawaii Shrug ï¼¼(^o)(^0^)(o^)/  Christmas Caroling *⁂((✪⥎✪))⁂*  Starstruck (◞‸◟;)  Hopeless ⁽͑ʺˀ˙̭ˁʺ⁾̉  Peekaboo ● ﹏☉  Black Eye   View All Popular of All Time

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- ,,-  Annoyed Vampire 🍔  Hamburger 🆘  Squared SOS 👭🏽  Two Women Holding Hands, Type-4 👐🏾  Open Hands Sign, Type-5 🌀  Cyclone 🍯  Honey Pot 🖊  Lower Left Ballpoint Pen ♪(๑ᴖ◡ᴖ๑)♪  Music Baby ∞  Infinity Sign 🏇🏾  Horse Racing, Type-5 👆🏻  White Up Pointing Backhand Index, Type-1-2 👌🏼  OK Hand Sign, Type-3 👩🏻‍🔧  Female Mechanic, Type-1-2 💂🏼‍♂️  Male Guard, Type-3 🤷🏼‍♀️  Woman Shrugging, Type-3 💆🏾‍♂️  Man Getting Face Massage, Type-5 🤾🏿‍♀️  Woman Playing Handball, Type-6 👧🏻  Girl, Type-1-2 💁  Information Desk Person 💃  Dancer ⛈  Thunder Cloud and Rain 🌪  Cloud With Tornado 🍾  Bottle With Popping Cork ⌚  Watch ✉️  Envelope 📧  E-Mail Symbol 🗓  Spiral Calendar Pad 📈  Chart With Upwards Trend 🔰  Japanese Symbol for Beginner ✖️  Heavy Multiplication X 🇦🇹  Flag for Austria 🇧🇩  Flag for Bangladesh 🇧🇬  Flag for Bulgaria 🇩🇯  Flag for Djibouti 🇲🇪  Flag for Montenegro 🇿🇲  Flag for Zambia 👵🏻  Older Woman + Emoji Modifier Fitzpatrick Type-1-2 🤦🏼  Face Palm + Emoji Modifier Fitzpatrick Type-3 🦍  Gorilla 🏇🏾  Horse Racing + Emoji Modifier Fitzpatrick Type-5 🥅  Goal Net 🥟  Dumpling (°ロ°)☝  One More Thing ☆.。.:*・°☆.。.:*・°☆.。.:*・°☆.。.:*・°☆  Sparkles ˙ ͜ʟ˙  NSA Smiley O( `_´)乂(`_´ )O  Street Fight (*`へ´*)  Grumpy Face (○口○ )  Gasp Face ლ(ಠ益ಠლ)  Y U No /(x~x)ï¼¼  Exhausted RIP (≧◡≦)  Schadenfreude (ఠ్ఠ ˓̭ ఠ్ఠ)  Nihilism Cx  Cx in chat ☥  Egyptian Ankh (*✹*)  Star Bomb Face ヽ༼ಢ_ಢ༽ノ☂  Rain Rain Go Away ᕕ(¬ ͜ ¬)ᕗ  Smug Flex [̲̅$̲̅(̲̅ ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°̲̅)̲̅$̲̅]  Lenny Bucks (☞゚ヮ゚)☞ ☜(゚ヮ゚☜)  Ayyyy, You! ( ͡ಠ ʖ̯ ͡ಠ)  Disapproving Lenny ┻━┻ ︵ヽ(`□´)ノ︵ ┻━┻  Super Saiyan Table :|)  Mustache Man (/◔ ◡ ◔)/  Praise ʕʘ‿ʘʔ  Bright Eyed, Bushy Tail ╰⋃╯  Dangling Penis >.  Squinting o(>< )o  Notice Me Senpai ・・・・・・—---☆  Shooting Star 7 ・・・・・・—---★  Shooting Star 6 🤦🏻  Face Palm, Type-1-2 🤦🏾  Face Palm, Type-5 🤷🏿  Shrug, Type-6 🕺🏻  Man Dancing, Type-1-2 🤳🏿  Selfie, Type-6 🤙🏾  Call Me Hand, Type-5 🤛🏼  Left-Facing Fist, Type-3 🤛🏽  Left-Facing Fist, Type-4 🤜🏼  Right-Facing Fist, Type-3 🤚🏼  Raised Back Of Hand, Type-3 🤚🏾  Raised Back Of Hand, Type-5 🤝🏽  Handshake, Type-4 🤸🏿  Person Doing Cartwheel, Type-6 🤼🏽  Wrestlers, Type-4 🤼🏾  Wrestlers, Type-5 🤼🏿  Wrestlers, Type-6 🤽🏻  Water Polo, Type-1-2 🤽🏼  Water Polo, Type-3 🤽🏾  Water Polo, Type-5 🤾🏻  Handball, Type-1-2 🤹🏾  Juggling, Type-5 ♀  Female Sign ♂  Male Sign 💏🏼  Kiss, Type-3 💑🏽  Couple With Heart, Type-4 ⛷🏻  Skier, Type-1-2 👯🏻  Woman With Bunny Ears, Type-1-2 👫🏾  Man and Woman Holding Hands, Type-5 👫🏿  Man and Woman Holding Hands, Type-6 👪🏼  Family, Type-3 👪🏽  Family, Type-4 🛌🏽  Sleeping Accommodation, Type-4 🛌🏾  Sleeping Accommodation, Type-5 🏇🏻  Horse Racing, Type-1-2 🏇🏽  Horse Racing, Type-4 🏌🏼  Golfer, Type-3 🏌🏽  Golfer, Type-4 🏌🏿  Golfer, Type-6 🙆🏽  Face With OK Gesture, Type-4 💁🏿  Information Desk Person, Type-6 🙇🏻  Person Bowing Deeply, Type-1-2 🚶🏻  Pedestrian, Type-1-2 🏃🏻  Runner, Type-1-2 💃🏻  Dancer, Type-1-2 👈🏽  White Left Pointing Backhand Index, Type-4 👈🏿  White Left Pointing Backhand Index, Type-6 🖕🏻  Reversed Hand With Middle Finger Extended, Type-1-2 👇🏻  White Down Pointing Backhand Index, Type-1-2 👇🏽  White Down Pointing Backhand Index, Type-4 ✌🏿  Victory Hand, Type-6 🖖🏽  Raised Hand With Part Between Middle and Ring Fingers, Type-4 🖐🏿  Raised Hand With Fingers Splayed, Type-6 ✋🏽  Raised Hand, Type-4 👍🏾  Thumbs Up Sign, Type-5 👍🏿  Thumbs Up Sign, Type-6 🙏🏼  Person With Folded Hands, Type-3 👃🏼  Nose, Type-3 🛀🏽  Bath, Type-4 🚣🏼  Rowboat, Type-3 🚣🏽  Rowboat, Type-4 🚴🏼  Bicyclist, Type-3 🚵🏾  Mountain Bicyclist, Type-5 🚵🏿  Mountain Bicyclist, Type-6 🤶🏻  Mother Christmas, Type-1-2 🤶🏿  Mother Christmas, Type-6 🤴🏽  Prince, Type-4 🤴🏿  Prince, Type-6 🤵🏻  Man In Tuxedo, Type-1-2 🤵🏽  Man In Tuxedo, Type-4 🤰🏾  Pregnant Woman, Type-5 👨🏽‍⚕️  Male Health Worker, Type-4 👨🏿‍🎓  Male Student, Type-6 👩🏻‍🎓  Female Student, Type-1-2 👩🏽‍🎓  Female Student, Type-4 👨🏼‍🏫  Male Teacher, Type-3 👩🏽‍🏫  Female Teacher, Type-4 👩🏿‍🏫  Female Teacher, Type-6 👩‍🌾  Female Farmer 👩🏾‍🌾  Female Farmer, Type-5 👨🏽‍🍳  Male Cook, Type-4 👨🏿‍🍳  Male Cook, Type-6 👨🏽‍🔧  Male Mechanic, Type-4 👩‍🔧  Female Mechanic 👩🏿‍🔧  Female Mechanic, Type-6 👩🏻‍🏭  Female Factory Worker, Type-1-2 👩🏼‍🏭  Female Factory Worker, Type-3 👨🏼‍💼  Male Office Worker, Type-3 👨🏽‍💼  Male Office Worker, Type-4 👩‍💼  Female Office Worker 👩🏾‍💼  Female Office Worker, Type-5 👨‍💻  Male Technologist 👨🏼‍💻  Male Technologist, Type-3 👨🏽‍💻  Male Technologist, Type-4 👩‍💻  Female Technologist 👩🏼‍💻  Female Technologist, Type-3 👩🏽‍💻  Female Technologist, Type-4 👩‍🎤  Female Singer 👨🏻‍🎨  Male Artist, Type-1-2 👨🏼‍🎨  Male Artist, Type-3 👨🏿‍🎨  Male Artist, Type-6 👩🏻‍🎨  Female Artist, Type-1-2 👩🏼‍🎨  Female Artist, Type-3 👨‍✈️  Male Pilot 👨🏾‍✈️  Male Pilot, Type-5 👩🏿‍🚀  Female Astronaut, Type-6 👨🏻‍🚒  Male Firefighter, Type-1-2 👨🏽‍🚒  Male Firefighter, Type-4 👩🏼‍🚒  Female Firefighter, Type-3 👩🏿‍🚒  Female Firefighter, Type-6 👮🏾‍♂️  Male Police Officer, Type-5 👮🏿‍♀️  Female Police Officer, Type-6 🕵🏿‍♂️  Male Sleuth, Type-6 🕵🏼‍♀️  Female Sleuth, Type-3 💂🏽‍♂️  Male Guard, Type-4 💂🏾‍♂️  Male Guard, Type-5 💂🏼‍♀️  Female Guard, Type-3 👷‍♀️  Female Construction Worker 👷🏿‍♀️  Female Construction Worker, Type-6 🙍🏾‍♂️  Man Frowning, Type-5 🙍‍♀️  Woman Frowning 🙎🏻‍♂️  Man Pouting, Type-1-2 🙎🏾‍♂️  Man Pouting, Type-5 🙎🏿‍♀️  Woman Pouting, Type-6 🙆🏾‍♀️  Woman Gesturing OK, Type-5 💁🏿‍♀️  Woman Tipping Hand, Type-6 🙋🏽‍♂️  Man Raising Hand, Type-4 🙋‍♀️  Woman Raising Hand 🙋🏽‍♀️  Woman Raising Hand, Type-4 🙇🏼‍♂️  Man Bowing Deeply, Type-3 🙇🏾‍♂️  Man Bowing Deeply, Type-5   View All Popular Today

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🍔  Hamburger \( •_•)_†  Vampire Slayer - ,,-  Annoyed Vampire ๏[-ิ_•ิ]๏  Winking Monkey Boy 🆘  Squared SOS 🕵️‍♀️  Female Sleuth (•_•) ( •_•)>⌐■-■ (⌐■_■)  Deal With It ︻デ═一  AWP 🇨🇺  Flag for Cuba 🏊🏼‍♀️  Woman Swimming, Type-3 ☆.。.:*・°☆.。.:*・°☆.。.:*・°☆.。.:*・°☆  Sparkles 🕵🏻‍♀️  Female Sleuth, Type-1-2 🤳🏻  Selfie, Type-1-2 🤸🏽  Person Doing Cartwheel, Type-4 👪🏽  Family, Type-4 🙎🏻‍♂️  Man Pouting, Type-1-2 ⛹🏾‍♂️  Man With Ball, Type-5 🌀  Cyclone 🕊  Dove of Peace ┗┃・ ■ ・┃┛  Mr. Roboto ʕʔ  Bread (+[__]∙:∙)  PSP :|)  Mustache Man 👐🏾  Open Hands Sign, Type-5 💇🏼‍♀️  Woman Getting Haircut, Type-3 🏊🏾‍♀️  Woman Swimming, Type-5 💁  Information Desk Person 🌖  Waning Gibbous Moon Symbol 🌪  Cloud With Tornado 🍆  Eggplant 🎾  Tennis Racquet and Ball 🏥  Hospital 🏎  Racing Car ⌚  Watch 🗄  File Cabinet 📛  Name Badge 🇰🇾  Flag for Cayman Islands 🥓  Bacon (∩`-´)⊃━☆゚.*・。゚  Wizard щ(゚Д゚щ)  Wolverine (☞゚ヮ゚)☞ ☜(゚ヮ゚☜)  Ayyyy, You! ಠ╭╮ಠ  Sad Disapproval ╰⋃╯  Dangling Penis >.  Squinting 🕺🏻  Man Dancing, Type-1-2 🤳🏼  Selfie, Type-3 🤼🏾  Wrestlers, Type-5 🤽🏻  Water Polo, Type-1-2 ⛷🏻  Skier, Type-1-2 👭🏽  Two Women Holding Hands, Type-4 🏇🏻  Horse Racing, Type-1-2 🏂🏼  Snowboarder, Type-3 🏂🏾  Snowboarder, Type-5 🏌🏽  Golfer, Type-4 🚶🏼  Pedestrian, Type-3 🏃🏻  Runner, Type-1-2 👉🏾  White Right Pointing Backhand Index, Type-5 🖐🏽  Raised Hand With Fingers Splayed, Type-4 🤴🏿  Prince, Type-6 👨🏽‍🌾  Male Farmer, Type-4 👨🏼‍🍳  Male Cook, Type-3 👮🏻‍♂️  Male Police Officer, Type-1-2 💂🏼‍♂️  Male Guard, Type-3 💆🏾‍♂️  Man Getting Face Massage, Type-5 🏌🏻‍♀️  Woman Golfing, Type-1-2 🤹‍♂️  Man Juggling 👧🏻  Girl, Type-1-2 ◯‍◯‍◯‍◯‍◯  Olympic Rings 💑  Couple With Heart 💟  Heart Decoration 😅  Smiling Face With Open Mouth and Cold Sweat 😯  Hushed Face 👨  Man 🕶  Dark Sunglasses 🐧  Penguin 🌧  Cloud With Rain 🌶  Hot Pepper 🍕  Slice of Pizza 🍯  Honey Pot 🍾  Bottle With Popping Cork 🍽  Fork and Knife With Plate 🚣  Rowboat 🏑  Field Hockey Stick and Ball 🏸  Badminton Racquet and Shuttlecock ⛰  Mountain 🏫  School 🚉  Station 🚜  Tractor 📲  Mobile Phone With Rightwards Arrow at Left 📙  Orange Book 🖊  Lower Left Ballpoint Pen 🗓  Spiral Calendar Pad 🔐  Closed Lock With Key 🛢  Oil Drum 💭  Thought Balloon ✔️  Heavy Check Mark ✴️  Eight Pointed Black Star 🔳  White Square Button 🇦🇹  Flag for Austria 🇧🇭  Flag for Bahrain 🇫🇰  Flag for Falkland Islands 🇬🇪  Flag for Georgia 🇮🇶  Flag for Iraq 🇰🇵  Flag for North Korea 🇲🇦  Flag for Morocco 🇵🇹  Flag for Portugal 🇷🇼  Flag for Rwanda 🇹🇴  Flag for Tonga 🇻🇳  Flag for Vietnam 🙋🏾  Happy Person Raising One Hand + Emoji Modifier Fitzpatrick Type-5 💪🏿  Flexed Biceps + Emoji Modifier Fitzpatrick Type-6 🎃  Jack-O-Lantern 🤦🏼  Face Palm + Emoji Modifier Fitzpatrick Type-3 🕺  Man Dancing 🦍  Gorilla 🦌  Deer 🦋  Butterfly 🥗  Green Salad 🇼  Regional Indicator Symbol Let­ter W 🥟  Dumpling ( ノ ゜□ ゜)ノ ︵ ┻━━┻ ヽ( ゜□ ゜ )ノ  Eat table! ─=≡Σ(([ ⊐•̀⌂•́]⊐  Iron Man (‿ˠ‿)  Bubble Butt (๑╹ڡ╹)╭ ~ ♡  Zapping Love Your Way Ɛ:[,,_,,]=~  TaC NayN O(∩_∩)O  Happy Monkey Face óò  Look Of Sympathy O( `_´)乂(`_´ )O  Street Fight (○口○ )  Gasp Face ლ(ಠ益ಠლ)  Y U No (╯^□^)╯︵ ❄☃❄  Playing In The Snow (^д^@)  Food Coma Face (-, - )…zzzZZZ  Sleepy ♪(๑ᴖ◡ᴖ๑)♪  Music Baby Cx  Cx in chat (இ﹏இ`。)  Super Cry (┛΄◞ิ۝◟ิ‵)┛ 彡┻━┻  Monster Table Throw ヽ༼ಢ_ಢ༽ノ☂  Rain Rain Go Away Q_Q  QQ Cry :v  Pacman Ironic, Sarcastic Face o(>< )o  Notice Me Senpai (^v^)  Content with life (;_;)  when u fail epicly 🤼🏻  Wrestlers, Type-1-2 🤽🏼  Water Polo, Type-3 🤽🏾  Water Polo, Type-5 ♂  Male Sign 💑🏻  Couple With Heart, Type-1-2 ⛷🏾  Skier, Type-5 👯🏻  Woman With Bunny Ears, Type-1-2 👫🏼  Man and Woman Holding Hands, Type-3 👫🏽  Man and Woman Holding Hands, Type-4 👫🏿  Man and Woman Holding Hands, Type-6 👬🏽  Two Men Holding Hands, Type-4 👪🏼  Family, Type-3 🏇🏾  Horse Racing, Type-5 🏌🏼  Golfer, Type-3 🙅🏻  Face With No Good Gesture, Type-1-2 💆🏽  Face Massage, Type-4 💇🏼  Haircut, Type-3 💃🏾  Dancer, Type-5 👈🏽  White Left Pointing Backhand Index, Type-4 👉🏽  White Right Pointing Backhand Index, Type-4 👇🏽  White Down Pointing Backhand Index, Type-4 🖖🏽  Raised Hand With Part Between Middle and Ring Fingers, Type-4 👍🏿  Thumbs Up Sign, Type-6 👏🏿  Clapping Hands Sign, Type-6 💅🏼  Nail Polish, Type-3 💅🏾  Nail Polish, Type-5 👂🏿  Ear, Type-6 🛀🏾  Bath, Type-5 🚵🏿  Mountain Bicyclist, Type-6 🤶🏿  Mother Christmas, Type-6 🤴🏾  Prince, Type-5 👨‍⚕️  Male Health Worker 👨🏿‍🎓  Male Student, Type-6 👩‍🌾  Female Farmer 👨‍🍳  Male Cook 👩🏻‍🍳  Female Cook, Type-1-2 👩🏻‍🔧  Female Mechanic, Type-1-2 👩🏾‍🔧  Female Mechanic, Type-5 👨🏾‍🏭  Male Factory Worker, Type-5 👩‍🏭  Female Factory Worker 👩🏻‍🏭  Female Factory Worker, Type-1-2 👨🏽‍💻  Male Technologist, Type-4 👨🏿‍💻  Male Technologist, Type-6 👨🏼‍🎨  Male Artist, Type-3 👨🏿‍🎨  Male Artist, Type-6 👩🏼‍🎨  Female Artist, Type-3 👩‍🚀  Female Astronaut 👮🏼‍♂️  Male Police Officer, Type-3 👮🏾‍♂️  Male Police Officer, Type-5 👮🏿‍♂️  Male Police Officer, Type-6 👮🏿‍♀️  Female Police Officer, Type-6 🕵🏼‍♀️  Female Sleuth, Type-3 💂🏿‍♀️  Female Guard, Type-6 👷🏿‍♂️  Male Construction Worker, Type-6 👷‍♀️  Female Construction Worker 🙍🏾‍♀️  Woman Frowning, Type-5 🙅🏿‍♂️  Man Gesturing Not OK, Type-6   View All Popular This Week

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🕵🏽‍♀️  Female Sleuth, Type-4 👨🏽‍🔬  Male Scientist, Type-4 🍔  Hamburger - ,,-  Annoyed Vampire \( •_•)_†  Vampire Slayer ๏[-ิ_•ิ]๏  Winking Monkey Boy 🎛  Control Knobs (•_•) ( •_•)>⌐■-■ (⌐■_■)  Deal With It <(:,..,:)>  Fat Bat 🇷🇴  Flag for Romania ︻デ═一  AWP 💔  Broken Heart ◯‍◯‍◯‍◯‍◯  Olympic Rings 🆘  Squared SOS 🏂🏾  Snowboarder, Type-5 🏊🏼‍♀️  Woman Swimming, Type-3 🏏  Cricket Bat and Ball 🇲🇱  Flag for Mali ☆.。.:*・°☆.。.:*・°☆.。.:*・°☆.。.:*・°☆  Sparkles (○口○ )  Gasp Face 👮🏻‍♂️  Male Police Officer, Type-1-2 🕊  Dove of Peace 🎿  Ski and Ski Boot 🗄  File Cabinet 🔆  High Brightness Symbol (‿ˠ‿)  Bubble Butt (=O*_*)=O Q(*_*Q)  Boxing 👨🏽‍🌾  Male Farmer, Type-4 👮🏼‍♂️  Male Police Officer, Type-3 🕵️‍♀️  Female Sleuth 😷  Face With Medical Mask 🐈  Cat 🌠  Shooting Star 🎾  Tennis Racquet and Ball ⛽  Fuel Pump 🏎  Racing Car ⌚  Watch 🖥  Desktop Computer 🔒  Lock 🔳  White Square Button 🇷🇼  Flag for Rwanda 🇸🇳  Flag for Senegal 🇹🇦  Flag for Tristan Da Cunha 🏄🏽  Surfer + Emoji Modifier Fitzpatrick Type-4 💱  Currency Exchange џ(ºДºџ)  Edward Scissorhands (っ˘ڡ˘ς)  Dericious (+[__]∙:∙)  PSP ノ┬─┬ノ ︵ ( \o°o)\  Soviet Russia Table Flips You ( ⚆ _ ⚆ )  Who's Over There... ᕕ( ᐛ )ᕗ  Happy New Year! ï¼¼(ï¼¾Oï¼¾)/  It's A Celebration 🤳🏻  Selfie, Type-1-2 👪🏽  Family, Type-4 🏇🏻  Horse Racing, Type-1-2 🏇🏾  Horse Racing, Type-5 🏌🏽  Golfer, Type-4 🙋🏼  Happy Person Raising One Hand, Type-3 🤴🏾  Prince, Type-5 👮🏽‍♀️  Female Police Officer, Type-4 🙎🏻‍♂️  Man Pouting, Type-1-2 🏌️‍♂️  Man Golfing 🏊🏾‍♀️  Woman Swimming, Type-5 🚵🏼‍♀️  Woman Mountain Biking, Type-3 🌀  Cyclone 😅  Smiling Face With Open Mouth and Cold Sweat 😔  Pensive Face 💁  Information Desk Person 👁  Eye 🐄  Cow 🌏  Earth Globe Asia-Australia 🌦  White Sun Behind Cloud With Rain 🍺  Beer Mug 🏅  Sports Medal 🏉  Rugby Football 🏓  Table Tennis Paddle and Ball ⛰  Mountain 🚋  Tram Car 🚘  Oncoming Automobile 🎊  Confetti Ball 📽  Film Projector 📈  Chart With Upwards Trend ✅  White Heavy Check Mark 📴  Mobile Phone Off 🇧🇲  Flag for Bermuda 🇨🇺  Flag for Cuba 🇵🇪  Flag for Peru 🇵🇰  Flag for Pakistan 🇵🇼  Flag for Palau 🇹🇳  Flag for Tunisia 🇹🇴  Flag for Tonga 💥  Collision Symbol 🥊  Boxing Glove 🥅  Goal Net (o\_!_/o)  VW Bug (◔_◔)  Rolling Eyes dL-_-b  Headphones With Mic óò  Look Of Sympathy ˙ ͜ʟ˙  NSA Smiley ( ^◡^)っ✂╰⋃╯  Lorena Bobbit (╯▅╰)  Le Sigh (●´∀`)ノ♡  Spread The Love (っ ºДº)っ ︵ ⌨  CVE-2014-6271 ˓(ᑊᘩᑊ⁎)  Game Of Thrones Spoiler Face (╯^□^)╯︵ ❄☃❄  Playing In The Snow (இ﹏இ`。)  Super Cry ⚕  Staff Of Aesculapius 🏂🏼  Snowboarder, Type-3 🏌🏼  Golfer, Type-3 👨🏼‍🍳  Male Cook, Type-3 👨🏾‍🍳  Male Cook, Type-5 👩🏻‍🔬  Female Scientist, Type-1-2 👩🏿‍🔬  Female Scientist, Type-6 👮🏿‍♂️  Male Police Officer, Type-6 👮🏼‍♀️  Female Police Officer, Type-3 👮🏿‍♀️  Female Police Officer, Type-6 👷🏽‍♂️  Male Construction Worker, Type-4 💆🏾‍♀️  Woman Getting Face Massage, Type-5 🚵🏿‍♀️  Woman Mountain Biking, Type-6 👸🏻  Princess, Type-1-2 🍱  Bento Box 🙂  Slightly Smiling Face 🤓  Nerd Face 👻  Ghost 👨  Man 🙆  Face With OK Gesture 💅  Nail Polish 👜  Handbag 💦  Splashing Sweat Symbol 🐆  Leopard 🐘  Elephant 🦃  Turkey 🕷  Spider 🕸  Spider Web 🌥  White Sun Behind Cloud 🌪  Cloud With Tornado 🍕  Slice of Pizza 🍝  Spaghetti 🍣  Sushi 🍹  Tropical Drink 🎳  Bowling 🏑  Field Hockey Stick and Ball 🏸  Badminton Racquet and Shuttlecock 🏭  Factory 🌉  Bridge at Night 🚉  Station 🚔  Oncoming Police Car 🚥  Horizontal Traffic Light 📅  Calendar 🔫  Pistol 📛  Name Badge ♉  Taurus 🇦🇸  Flag for American Samoa 🇧🇭  Flag for Bahrain 🇲🇦  Flag for Morocco 🇳🇫  Flag for Norfolk Island 🇳🇿  Flag for New Zealand 🇿🇲  Flag for Zambia 👩🏻  Woman + Emoji Modifier Fitzpatrick Type-1-2 🏄🏾  Surfer + Emoji Modifier Fitzpatrick Type-5 🦌  Deer 🦋  Butterfly 🥒  Cucumber 🥓  Bacon 🇺🇸  Flag for United States `ミO (⊙﹏⊙′)  Russian Meteor =  Marriage Equality (∩`-´)⊃━☆゚.*・。゚  Wizard ✌(-‿-)✌  Asian Pose /)*(\  Brohoof (⌐■_■)  Stunna Shades ʕ •ᴥ•ʔ  Koala Bear (ˆڡˆ)v  Tasty Nom Face 🍆🍩🛏  Sex in Bed ▄︻̷̿┻̿═━一  Sniper AWP 2 :v  Pacman Ironic, Sarcastic Face 🤽🏼  Water Polo, Type-3 💅🏼  Nail Polish, Type-3 💅🏿  Nail Polish, Type-6 🤵🏿  Man In Tuxedo, Type-6 👩🏻‍🍳  Female Cook, Type-1-2 👩🏼‍🎨  Female Artist, Type-3 🕵🏻‍♀️  Female Sleuth, Type-1-2 💇🏼‍♀️  Woman Getting Haircut, Type-3 🚶🏿‍♀️  Woman Walking, Type-6 🏃‍♂️  Man Running 🏃🏾‍♂️  Man Running, Type-5 🏃🏻‍♀️  Woman Running, Type-1-2 ⛹🏾‍♂️  Man With Ball, Type-5 🚵‍♂️  Man Mountain Biking 🚵‍♀️  Woman Mountain Biking 🚵🏻‍♀️  Woman Mountain Biking, Type-1-2 🤼🏼‍♀️  Women Wrestling, Type-3 🤹‍♂️  Man Juggling 👨🏻‍⚖️  Male Judge, Type-1-2 🐱‍🚀  Astro Cat 🐷  Pig Face 🌈  Rainbow 💿  Optical Disc 🍢  Oden   View All Popular This Month


∩˙▿˙∩  Oh my♪(๑ᴖ◡ᴖ๑)♪  Music Baby[̲̅$̲̅(̲̅10)̲̅$̲̅]  10 Buckso(╥﹏╥)o  Tantrum Cry/(x~x)ï¼¼  Exhausted RIP(≧◡≦)  Schadenfreude(•⊙ω⊙•)  Cat Face Big Eyes˞̣̣̣̀ ᶿ᷄ ˈ̯̥̮ ᶿ᷅  Face Jewelry。゚(゚∩´﹏`∩゚)゚。  Anime Sweatਉ_ਉ  Insomnia Eyes(ఠ్ఠ ˓̭ ఠ్ఠ)  Nihilism༼ ༎ຶ à·´ ༎ຶ༽  Frazzled(=^ω^=)  Cat Anime EyesCx  Cx in chat☥  Egyptian Ankh∞  Infinity Sign✊🍆  Masturbate 3✊🌭  Masturbate 2✊╭∩╮  Masturbate🔵ω  Blue Balls=^..^=  Cat Ears(இ﹏இ`。)  Super Cry(⊙︿⊙✿)  Worried Flower Girl(┛΄◞ิ۝◟ิ‵)┛ 彡┻━┻  Monster Table Throw(╥╯θ╰╥)  Ugly Cry╭( ・ㅂ・)و ̑̑  Pocket Change╭∩╮( ͡⚆ ͜ʖ ͡⚆)╭∩╮  Eminem∈)✹(∋  Goatse 3(*✹*)  Star Bomb Face( ͠° ͟ʖ ͡°)  Piercing Lennyヽ༼ಢ_ಢ༽ノ☂  Rain Rain Go Awayᕕ(¬ ͜ ¬)ᕗ  Smug Flex୧༼ಠ益ಠ༽୨  Angry Poo[̲̅$̲̅(̲̅5̲̅)̲̅$̲̅]  5 bucks[̲̅$̲̅(̲̅ ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°̲̅)̲̅$̲̅]  Lenny Bucks(˘▼˘ԅ( ˘⌣ƪ)  Magic Touch( =①ω①=)  Cat Eyes 2ヾ(*ΦωΦ)ノ  Cat Eyes Hands Upლ(=ↀωↀ=)ლ  Cat Eyes Come at Me✧・゚: *✧・゚:* 𝓘𝓓𝓖𝓐ℱ∠( ᐛ 」∠)_*:・゚✧*:・゚✧  IDGAF(𝒟𝓇𝒶𝓌 𝓂𝑒 𝓁𝒾𝓀𝑒 𝑜𝓃𝑒 𝑜𝒻 𝓎𝑜𝓊𝓇 𝒻𝓇𝑒𝓃𝒸𝒽 𝑔𝒾𝓇𝓁𝓈 )> ∠( ᐛ 」∠)  Draw me like one of your French girls– ̗̀ 𝓗𝔞𝔱𝔢𝔯𝔰 𝔤𝔬𝔫𝔫𝔞 𝔥𝔞𝔱𝔢 ̖́- ᕕ( ᐛ )ᕗ✧  Haters Gonna Hateᕕ( ᐕ )ᕗ  Yearhᕕ( ᐛ )ᕗᕕ( ᐕ )ᕗ  Bro'ing OutÙ©( ᐖ )人( ᐛ )و  High Five Group♪⁽⁽٩( ᐖ )۶⁾⁾ ₍₍٩( ᐛ )۶₎₎♪  Happy Dancing🍆🍩  Sex Emoji🍆🍩🛏  Sex in Bed👉👌💦  Sex Squirt👉👌  We're Having Sex(ˆڡˆ)  Delicious(✿ó ꒳ ò人。◕‿◕。✿)  Flower High Five( ')> ... " C('-'c)  Feeding BirdƸ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ  Butterfly / Moth¯\_(⊙︿⊙)_/¯  I don't know☜(⌒▽⌒)☞  Laying back( ゚Д゚)  Holy Shitヽ(´▽`)/  Yay( Í¡~ ͜ʖ ͡°)  Winky▄︻̷̿┻̿═━一  Sniper AWP 2щ(゚Д゚щ)  Wolverine༼ ºل͟º ༽  Poop Manᔑºل͟ºᔐ  John Lennon(•_•) make them boys / go loco  Fergalicious 3(•_•)  Fergalicious 1(☞゚ヮ゚)☞ ☜(゚ヮ゚☜)  Ayyyy, You!( ͡ಠ ʖ̯ ͡ಠ)  Disapproving Lenny✂╰⋃╯  CastrationQ(Ò_ÓQ)  Boxerᕦ(ò_óˇ)ᕤ  Strongmanლ,ᔑ•ﺪ͟͠•ᔐ.ლ  Ludwig van Beethoven( ͡ᵔ ͜ʖ ͡ᵔ )  Happy Merchant(ง ͠°ل͜ ͡°)ง  Tyler Durdenಥ_ಥ  So Beautiful(ツ)  Chyea(ノಠ益ಠ)ノ彡┻━┻  Grr Table Flip┻━┻ ︵ヽ(`□´)ノ︵ ┻━┻  Super Saiyan Table┬─┬ ノ( ^_^ノ)  Table Come to Senses(╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻  Table Flipʕ ಡ ﹏ ಡ ʔ  Cry Bear(◕︿◕✿)  Pouty Flower:|)  Mustache Man:')  Happy Tear Cry:,)  Happy Tearಠ╭╮ಠ  Sad Disapproval((´д`))  Ungh Sick_|ï¿£|○  KneelingQ_Q  QQ Cry◉︵◉  Big Eye Disappointed(☞゚ヮ゚)☞  Wazzup(#^.^#)  Blush(/◔ ◡ ◔)/  Praiseʕʘ‿ʘʔ  Bright Eyed, Bushy Tail:D  Big Smile:‑)  Smiley=)  Original Happy Face(・・。)ゞ  Shobon Salute(-_-)ゞ゛  Saluteï¼¼(`0´)/  Angry "O" Screamヽ(#`Д´)ノ  Angry Scream╭∩╮  Erect Penisლ(̿▀̿ ̿Ĺ̯̿̿▀̿ ̿ლ)  Blues Brothers Come At Me(ง'̀-'́)ง  Fight Me IRL(◐‿◑)  Two eyes in opposite directions╰⋃╯  Dangling Penis(ノಠ益ಠ)ノ  Fight Me Bro:v  Pacman Ironic, Sarcastic Face^_^  Anime Smile>.  Squinting:^)  Troll Face-_\\  Emo Girl.;,;.  Why not Zoidberg?T_T  TT Cryଘ(à©­*ˊᵕˋ)à©­* ̀ˋ  Angel( ∙_∙) ( ∙_∙)>⌐■-■ (⌐■_■)  Deal With It (small eyes to sunglasses)o(>< )o  Notice Me Senpaiヽ(`⌒´メ)ノ  Fat scarred baby hmmph(^v^)  Content with life( ‘-’)人(゚_゚ )  Shy Five:-|  Stern Expression( .)(. )  Big Boobsω  Balls★☆★☆★☆★☆★☆  Star Lineup・・・・・・—---☆  Shooting Star 7・・・・・・—---★  Shooting Star 6~☆  Shooting Star 5ミ★  Shooting Star 4ミ☆  Shooting Star 3★彡  Shooting Star 2☆彡  Shooting Star 1(\*^*/)  Flustered Entitlement∈)☼(∋  Goatse 2♨️️  Hot Springs[ ‿ ]  Marshmellow(♡ヮ♡)  heart eyesï¼¼(* ^ _ ^ *)/  wishing for something(;_;)  when u fail epicly;-;  when u fail epicly🇺🇳  Flag for UN🤦🏻  Face Palm, Type-1-2🤦🏼  Face Palm, Type-3🤦🏽  Face Palm, Type-4🤦🏾  Face Palm, Type-5🤦🏿  Face Palm, Type-6🤷🏻  Shrug, Type-1-2🤷🏼  Shrug, Type-3🤷🏽  Shrug, Type-4🤷🏾  Shrug, Type-5🤷🏿  Shrug, Type-6🕺🏻  Man Dancing, Type-1-2🕺🏼  Man Dancing, Type-3🕺🏽  Man Dancing, Type-4🕺🏾  Man Dancing, Type-5🕺🏿  Man Dancing, Type-6🤳🏻  Selfie, Type-1-2🤳🏼  Selfie, Type-3🤳🏽  Selfie, Type-4🤳🏾  Selfie, Type-5🤳🏿  Selfie, Type-6🤞🏻  Hand With Index And Middle Fingers Crossed, Type-1-2🤞🏼  Hand With Index And Middle Fingers Crossed, Type-3🤞🏽  Hand With Index And Middle Fingers Crossed, Type-4🤞🏾  Hand With Index And Middle Fingers Crossed, Type-5🤞🏿  Hand With Index And Middle Fingers Crossed, Type-6🤙🏻  Call Me Hand, Type-1-2🤙🏼  Call Me Hand, Type-3🤙🏽  Call Me Hand, Type-4🤙🏾  Call Me Hand, Type-5🤙🏿  Call Me Hand, Type-6🤛🏻  Left-Facing Fist, Type-1-2🤛🏼  Left-Facing Fist, Type-3🤛🏽  Left-Facing Fist, Type-4🤛🏾  Left-Facing Fist, Type-5🤛🏿  Left-Facing Fist, Type-6🤜🏻  Right-Facing Fist, Type-1-2🤜🏼  Right-Facing Fist, Type-3🤜🏽  Right-Facing Fist, Type-4🤜🏾  Right-Facing Fist, Type-5🤜🏿  Right-Facing Fist, Type-6🤚🏻  Raised Back Of Hand, Type-1-2🤚🏼  Raised Back Of Hand, Type-3🤚🏽  Raised Back Of Hand, Type-4🤚🏾  Raised Back Of Hand, Type-5🤚🏿  Raised Back Of Hand, Type-6🤝🏻  Handshake, Type-1-2🤝🏼  Handshake, Type-3🤝🏽  Handshake, Type-4🤝🏾  Handshake, Type-5🤝🏿  Handshake, Type-6🤸🏻  Person Doing Cartwheel, Type-1-2🤸🏼  Person Doing Cartwheel, Type-3🤸🏽  Person Doing Cartwheel, Type-4🤸🏾  Person Doing Cartwheel, Type-5🤸🏿  Person Doing Cartwheel, Type-6🤼🏻  Wrestlers, Type-1-2🤼🏼  Wrestlers, Type-3🤼🏽  Wrestlers, Type-4🤼🏾  Wrestlers, Type-5🤼🏿  Wrestlers, Type-6🤽🏻  Water Polo, Type-1-2   View All

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